Soundchecking The Void

…is this thing on?


Hi! Welcome to my blog. There are many like it but this one is mine.

Why “Soundchecking the Void?” Because Screaming Into the Void would be too aggressive for my persona and too futile for my sanity, and anyway I need to save my voice for when it counts. Consider this sort of a check 1…check 2…sibilance…sibilance situation. Is that what they do for real, or just an obscure SNL reference most people won’t get? I don’t know, I’ve never soundchecked anything. Appropriate, since I’ve never had a blog before either. I’m learning as I go.

So I figure I’ll just try to write some stuff.

Sometimes I will write about stuff that happened to me or that I’m thinking about.

Sometimes I will post stories or excerpts from a work in progress.

Sometimes I will post links to things my friends are doing that I am excited about.

Sometimes I will post links to items of note by writers or other artists that I admire.

So basically, this is a place for me to write whatever random stream-of-consciousness crap occurs to me. If you like it, great. If not, that’s fine too. I can’t please everyone. Hopefully it will get better over time.